Magick Mike

I just finished reading and listening to Mike Monteiro’s first book Design is a Job (which is shit coloured), published by A Book Apart. Great read for anyone involved in design; a proper smack in the chops.

You had me at Fuck You!

I first became aware of Mike after his Creative Mornings: San Francisco talk entitled Fuck You, Pay Me. The title had made me an instant fan, but the talk was honest to goodness advice with no hidden agenda. An ability to slice through bullshit and just tell it like it is, is definitely Mike Monteiro’s superpower.

Thankfully that was the start of what has been (and still is) an enviable list of straight-talking, humorous and generally profane talks and podcasts. Let’s not underestimate the importance of the profanity. It gets your attention, makes you sit the fuck up and listen (see what I did there). The sincerity of what is being said is never in question.

The sooner we end this notion of “creatives” sitting on bean bags waiting for inspiration to flash before them the better, and Mike Monteiro is the design industry’s Ash Williams.

I am about to get started on Mike’s second book You’re My Favourite Client (which is the colour of money). Frankly I can’t wait.

Check out the man himself:

12 Mar 2015