The Horror

In my quest for a simple RPG that focused less on mechanics and more on story I stumbled across Cthulhu Dark.

It was the beautiful work of Guilherme Gontijo that introduced me to Cthulhu Dark. I’m not a huge fan of H.P Lovecraft, but this book could just have easily been called ‘Dark’ and dropped the Cthulhu bit. It focuses on the horror and has an outrageously simple system. This makes it perfect for running really snappy one-shot mysteries.

I’ve been kicking a horror story around in my head for quite some time now and Cthulhu Dark is the first RPG that has kicked me into gear to actually finish writing the thing. I think the simplicity of the system allows you to just write the story, create the hooks and let the story play out from there. Hopefully I will finish writing it in the next few weeks. I’ll post updates as I go.

But for now here is a tiny taster of what is to come.


18 Nov 2019