Video is fast becoming an area of real interest to me. Cutting together all of the audio and video clips is challenging and colouring the final product is a nice crossover from my retouching.

Darren Hughes is a dairy farmer from Ballinode, Co. Monaghan. He is milking with a Lely robotic milker. He is also a county footballer for Monaghan.

This is the video before it was colour graded.

The audio and video were shot and recorded by Jack Caffrey. The audio and video editing/production plus colour grading were done by me. The timeframe to turn the video around was very short. It was shot in an afternoon and the audio and video were edited in a few hours. The colour grading took around 30 minutes.

Audio editing was done in Adobe Audition, video editing in Premiere Pro and the colour grading was done in After Effects.

24 Jun 2014

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